where does american airlines fly?


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Together with regional partner American Eagle, They offer an average of nearly 6,700 flights daily to 350 destination s in 50 countries. Surprising American airline routes:-

1. Los Angeles to Auckland (LAX–AKL),  2. Miami to Montevideo (MIA–MVD),  3. Philadelphia to Glasgow (PHL–GLA), 4. Dallas to Mérida (DFW–MID), 5. La Paz to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia (LPB–VVI), 6.Miami to Belo Horizonte, Brazil (MIA–CNF), 7. Miami to Brasília (MIA–BSB), 8. Miami to Manaus (MIA–MAO), 9. Los Angeles to Tokyo (LAXHND)


who flew the first american airlines flight?

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