7 mistakes you’re making when booking airline tickets


7 mistakes you’re making when booking airline tickets

  • Booking airline tickets can be straightforward, but there might be an even better way to get what you’re looking for.
  • You might be making some mistakes when booking tickets that you don’t even realize you’re making.
  • Think carefully about trip insurance, and consider alternate airlines and airports.
  • Although buying an airline ticket seems pretty straightforward, if you’re only taking a few minutes to do so, you’re probably missing out on some killer Travel deals. .

Airfare is an expense, no matter how much the ticket actually costs, so you don’t want to make any unnecessary mistakes when booking your ticket.

These mistakes are ones that anyone could make, so knowing what you might be doing without realizing it can be just what you need to ensure you have the least stressful trip — and the best ticket —  that you can.

1. Not considering trip insurance.

Travel insurance can seem like an unnecessary expense, but it might not be as silly as you might initially think. While sometimes you don’t need it and likely won’t get anything out of it, in other cases, it can save you a lot of time, money, and heartache.

Travel and risk experts at Aon Affinity Travel told INSIDER that the purpose of travel insurance is to protect you in case your plans change or something unpredictable happens. Looking into the fee associated with the insurance, what it will and won’t cover, how long you have between when you book and when you’ll travel, and other details will help you better determine whether or not you might benefit from purchasing travel insurance.

2. Thinking you can just add trip insurance anytime.

Experts also noted that though some people assume that you can add travel insurance at any time, but that’s not always the case. Some travel insurance programs only allow you to book or add insurance within a certain time frame after booking your ticket and if you decide you need insurance, you won’t want to miss out.

3. Booking too early or too late.

If you usually try to book your flights as early as you possibly can, thinking that it’ll save you money, you might not actually be doing yourself as much of a favor as you think. In a post on LinkedIn, Peter Greenberg, the travel editor at CBS News, wrote that if you’re not planning to travel over a holiday or other high-traffic days, 45 days ahead of time is when you’ll likely find the best prices on domestic airfare, with international destinations requiring a little more advanced notice. Booking way too early might mean that you’re paying more than you need to and that the prices will go down when the date gets a bit closer.

4. Not thinking through the specifics of traveling with a baby.

There are a lot of details regarding traveling with a baby that you need to think through before booking your airline tickets. Although you’ll save some money by holding the baby on your lap, for some trips, it really might be worth it to purchase a separate seat for them and bring an FAA-approved car seat along with you, Trish McDermott, a family travel expert and the co-founder of Babierge, told INSIDER. For long flights, when you might not want a baby on your lap the whole time, this can be especially helpful.

Not only that, but if your kids are little and aren’t in school yet, traveling while older kids are in school and not on breaks — or in the middle of the week — can mean better prices and less-crowded airports and flights. McDermott recommended timing your trips for times when families with school-aged children will be staying home if possible. Traveling with a baby can be complicated enough without also having to deal with the added chaos that accompanies holiday, weekend, or hectic vacation travel.

“If your baby has a standard fussy hour, or is especially cranky just before nap time, pick a flight that avoids that period,” McDermott said. Plus, choosing seats closer to the front of the plane are often better if you’re traveling with a little one because it’ll be easy for you to quickly get off the plane. Plus, McDermott said, it tends to be quieter near the front.

Thinking through all the baby-related details of your trip can help make it all go smoother southwest airlines reservation


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